5 Myths About Mosquitoes That Are Definitely Not True

The start of summer means pool days, frozen cocktails and family vacations. Unfortunately, it also means more mosquitoes, and bites are inevitable. To help you prepare, our pest control specialist have debunked the top five most common mosquito myths.

Myth #1: All Mosquitoes Carry Disease.

Based on estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes around the world; however, many of these species don’t even bite humans. Of the species that prefer human blood meals, only the females of the species are doing the actual biting. Therefore, not all mosquitoes are carrying or transmitting disease. While most human-biting species are capable of carrying diseases, only fractions of the mosquito population actually harbor viruses. It has been suggested that certain species are more predisposed to carrying mosquito-spread diseases than others. For example, the tiger mosquito, which is relatively common in eastern and central region of the United States, is known to carry the West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever and dengue fever. Malaria, on the other hand, is transmitted by species of the Anopheles genus.

Myth #2: Mosquitoes Prefer Certain Blood Types

You may have heard many people say, “Mosquitoes like me because of my sweet blood,” or “I get bitten because I’m Type O.” In reality, mosquitoes do not gravitate towards people because of the sweetness or type of their blood. Mosquitoes bite people because they require protein for breeding, not sugar. Some facets of your genetics, such as skin bacteria may have an effect, but blood type is not considered one of these factors.

Myth #3: Citronella Plants and Candles Will Protect You

There’s a tiny bit of truth to this myth. Citronella products like candles or torches might protect you for a little while… within a limited radius… if there’s no wind.

Citronella has a very strong smell which helps mask our own odours that attract mosquitoes. But if you’ve got a big backyard and there’s a breeze, forget it – citronella anything isn’t going to help you.

Myth #4: Pregnancy Puts You at Risk.

In 2000, a study was published that found that mosquitoes prefer pregnant women. But this study included only 36 pregnant women and 36 non-pregnant women, and used mosquitoes native to Gambia, a small country in Africa.

Here’s the truth: Those mosquitoes weren’t attracted to the women because they were pregnant, they were attracted to the smells the women were giving off. Pregnant women give off more heat and carbon dioxide, both of which are attractive to mosquitoes. So basically, anyone who is hot, sweaty, and breathing heavily could be at risk just as much as a pregnant woman.

Myth #5: Mosquitoes Die After They Bite You

Many assume that since some bees die after they sting, it must also be true of mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes bite, not sting. So, after a female mosquito bites you, she will go off to lay eggs and eventually come back for more.


If mosquito bites are just not your thing, talk to us.

We provide effective mosquito control for your property or special event, so you and your guests can spend less time avoiding bites and more time enjoying yourselves.

5 Mosquito Myths Debunked
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5 Mosquito Myths Debunked
There are so many tips and tricks for mosquito control, that it can be hard to determine which are true and which are just mosquito myths. To help you decipher fact from fiction, we’ve gathered up five of the most common misconceptions about mosquitoes.
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