How to Get Rid of Backyard Bugs

Warm weather means the start barbecues, picnics, outdoor games, and plenty of time spent in your backyard. But it can also mean an invasion from less welcome signs of summer: bugs. Whether your backyard is facing a ants, flies, bees, mosquitoes, or ticks, you can find a keep those backyard bugs at bay.

The following five pest control tips may come in handy as you try to keep the backyard bugs at bay this spring and summer:

1. Remove Areas of Standing Water

Standing water is the enemy in your battle against backyard bugs, as it’s the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure your gutters are unclogged and that any sunken areas in your yard are filled in so that water can’t collect. Even the water in the birdbath and kiddie pool should be regularly changed to prevent those little suckers from multiplying.

2. Pick up Clutter and Debris

Items like toys, tires and half-used bags of potting soil make perfect containers for rainwater. Additionally, piles of leaves, fallen branches and rotting fruit can attract insects to your yard, as they provide food and shelter for many insects. Your efforts can help in insect control, so keep your yard free of this clutter to make the area a little less attractive to bugs.

3. Keep Lawns Tidy and Trimmed

Overgrown brush and weeds can provide great habitats and hiding areas for a slew of backyard bugs. Keep your landscaping tidy, and be sure to trim back tall grass, brush, and weeds around your property.

4. Store Firewood Properly

Do you have firewood leftover from the winter? Well, if you’re not storing it properly you could find yourself the proprietor of an insect hotel. Firewood provides food and shelter for many insects, so you need to be certain that you’re doing everything you can to try to prevent an infestation. First, make sure wood is dry before storing it. Then, keep it stacked above the ground on a rack or platform so that pests which live in the soil — like ants and termites — can’t easily access the wood. Additionally, keep piles of firewood stored away from your home or other buildings. Ideally, there should be 3 feet between a stack of firewood and any structure. Lastly, firewood with a top cover or roof over it will remain drier and last longer. Do not fully wrap firewood piles with a tarp or plastic sheeting – this will trap moisture and make things worse.

5. Invest in a Professional Pest Control Service

Can you buy insect spray for lawns? Absolutely, you can. However, it likely won’t be as effective as the treatment a pest control specialist would use. In addition, a trained specialist may be better able to spot any potential pest problems before they get out of hand. The specialist can then make recommendations customized for your situation.

With a few preventative measures, you can attempt to keep backyard bugs at bay this spring and summer. Want some backup from trusted pest control specialists? Contact Dynasty Pest Control to schedule your initial inspection.

Backyard Bugs: 5 Tricks for a Bug-Free Backyard
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Backyard Bugs: 5 Tricks for a Bug-Free Backyard
Don't let bugs become a nuisance in your yard this summer! Enjoy your backyard and get rid of backyard bugs like like mosquitoes and ants with these easy to follow pest control tips.
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