It’s the middle of the night, you’re still half asleep and as you flip on the bathroom light there he is, sitting on your bathroom counter – a cockroach. No one likes the sight of a creepy, crawly cockroach in their home. But unfortunately, cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in the world.

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Dynasty Pest Control is here to help you say goodbye to those unwanted house guests with our cockroach control. Here’s our blog on the best ways to get rid of those pesky critters.

Cockroach Control: How to Get Rid of Roaches


The first step in cockroach control is preventing them from entering your home in the first place. Roaches are attracted to water; reducing access to water sources in your home can significantly help reduce the chance of roaches infesting your home. Other prevention methods include daily cleaning and proper food storage. If you think cockroaches have already infested your home, it’s time to take further steps.

Search Hidden Spots

Grab a flashlight and search dark spots that you think cockroaches would reside, such as behind the refrigerator, under the sink, cervices in cabinets and shelves, closet corners and bathroom cabinets and closets.

Identifying the Type of Cockroach

Wait – there’s more than one kind?! Yep. Different types of cockroaches are attracted to your home for certain reasons. The first step in cockroach control is knowing what kind of cockroach you’re dealing with. Knowing the type of cockroach that’s in your home can help with deciding how to get rid of them.

One of the most common cockroaches found in homes is the German cockroach. Their small size allows them to hide more efficiently, and they have few natural predators in human habitats. For these reasons, German cockroach populations tend to grow rapidly and require professional treatment.

Choose Your Weapon

There’s a variety of techniques and tools on how to get rid of cockroaches: glue strips, caulk gaps, gel bait, bait stations, etc. After searching your home, be prepared to cross paths with one of these creepy, crawly critters. So, what will your weapon of choice be?

Using roach glue strips will help you locate large infestations. Based on what you found after searching your home, decide on the most strategic areas to place the glue strips. Keep a close eye on the strips, and the areas that catch the most roaches will need the most treatment.

To prevent the roach infestation from expanding, use caulk to fill entry points, including gaps and small crevices between walls or tile, and window seals.

But what if cockroaches have already infested your home, and none of your weapons of choice are working? Well, that’s where we come in!


You’ve done all the cockroach control and prevention methods you can, but it hasn’t phased the cockroaches at all – now what? Now it’s time to seriously get this pest problem under control with the help of Dynasty Pest Control.

Hiring one of our specialists for cockroach control can increase safety, offer a more effective approach to getting rid of cockroaches and provide an ongoing solution to cockroach control. It will also eliminate the need for you to set up endless traps around your home.

Our pest control professionals can periodically inspect your home for those pesky critters, and help prevent an infestation.

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Dallas Cockroach Control: How to Get Rid of Roaches
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Dallas Cockroach Control: How to Get Rid of Roaches
No one likes the sight of pesky cockroaches in their home. Dynasty Pest Control is here to help you say goodbye to roaches with our cockroach control.
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