Fight The Bite & Discover How to Repel Mosquitoes in Your Yard This Summer

Mosquitoes can really put the bite on outdoor fun. Not only are they annoying, but they can also carry serious diseases like the West Nile or Zika virus. While spray on repellents work, they can be messy to use, have an odor, and bring strong chemicals in direct contact with your skin. Below, our pest control specialist will teach you how to repel mosquitoes in your yard and keep them away for a bite free summer.

Put Up Air Curtains

Traditionally, air curtains have been used to keep mosquitoes away from guests at customer entrances, concession stands, and even drive-up windows at many fast food restaurants. Their effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes has made them accessible for use in residential outdoor living areas. Air curtains are simple to install and maintain, and their impenetrable screen of air helps prevent bugs of all kinds from entering the area.

Mosquito Misting System

Another great way to get rid of mosquitoes is misting systems. Mosquito misting systems use a few insect repellents to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests from your outdoor living space.

They can either be a drum-based or thankless system that you can program to activate on a schedule or by remote control.

Mosquito Fogging Treatment

Twenty-four to 48 hours before you plan on hanging outdoors with your friends and family, give us a call! We’ll lay down a barrier spray that includes extra protection against biting mosquitoes and other annoying insects. The entire treatment dries in 30 minutes, and leaves no odor or visible residue. Mosquito fogging treatments are perfect for any summer party or outdoor barbecue!

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There are a number of plants that repel mosqitoes. Planting a mix of these plants around your home and patio can create mosquito-free zones for outdoor entertaining and other activities.

  • One of the most famous is citronella grass, which is used by manufacturers to make citronella candles.
  • Another well-known plant is the marigold. These cheery flowers repel many other insect pests as well, but are popular nectar sources for butterflies.
  • Catnip is famous for attracting cats, but what is less well known is that it also repels mosquitoes! In fact, studies have found that catnip oil is more than 10 times better at repelling them than DEET!
  • The lovely and aromatic garden herbs rosemary, basil, lavender, lemon balm, and lemongrass are also effective.


If you are experiencing a problem mosquitoes or any other type of common pest and the problem is beyond your scope to handle on your own, remember that Dynasty Pest Control is a trusted source for pest removal. Call one of our experienced pest control specialists to diagnose the problem and determine an effective solution so you can get back to enjoying your living and outdoor spaces pest-free.

How to Repel Mosquitoes in Your Yard
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How to Repel Mosquitoes in Your Yard
Don't let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun! Learn how to repel mosquitoes in your yard with these expert tips for a bite-free summer.
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