Summer in Texas means more time to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends! Except, how are you supposed to do that when mosquitos are biting you left and right? Not only do mosquitos take the fun out of spending time outdoors, but some even carry diseases that can be a real hazard to you, your family and your pets. The solution? A mosquito yard treatment!

You’ve probably tried it all: bug spray, citronella candles, bug zappers – nothing has worked.

Not anymore! Dynasty Pest Control will finally help you stop buzzing, annoying and biting mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor time. It’s time to keep mosquitoes off your guest list with our mosquito yard treatment.

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Our temporary mosquito yard treatment will keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Twenty-four to 48 hours before you plan on hanging outdoors with your friends and family, give us a call! We’ll lay down a barrier spray that includes extra protection against biting mosquitos and other annoying insects. Perfect for any summer party or outdoor barbeque!

3-Step Mosquito Yard Treatment Process

1. Mosquito Fogging

Mosquitoes love to lay in areas that are damp or dense vegetation, such as tree canopies, shrubs, hedges and other green areas in your yard. Mosquito fogging is a great mosquito yard treatment that goes into lush areas, such as the ones listed above, and kill mosquitoes on contact and bonds to the treated area to prevent future mosquitoes from hanging around.

2. Mosquito Granules

We strategically place fine, all-natural mosquito-repelling granules all over your lawn. These mosquito-repelling granules are made of a safe and biodegradable formula that is proven to help repel mosquitoes.

3. Mosquito Larvicide

Mosquito larvicide is an eco-friendly solution we place by areas of standing water around your property. The larvicide specifically targets mosquitos in the larval life stage, killing them before they can become those annoying insects intruding your backyard.

The entire treatment dries in 30 minutes, and leaves no odor or visible residue! After our mosquito yard treatment, you’ll notice a significant drop in number of mosquitoes surrounding your home and yard.

Book now and save 50% off on our mosquito yard treatments! Book Online – or – Contact us at (469) 358-1425 for a free quote.

*Offer valid for new customers only. No double discounts. Not all yards are candidates for mosquito treatments. For yards that aren’t candidates, we offer automatic misting systems.
Mosquito Fogging: Your Go-To Mosquito Yard Treatment
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Mosquito Fogging: Your Go-To Mosquito Yard Treatment
You’ve probably tried it all: bug spray, candles, bug zappers – nothing has worked. Not anymore! Say goodbye to mosquitoes with our mosquito yard treatment.
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Dynasty Pest Control
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