Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Summer is almost here which means long beach days, margaritas, patio lunches and, above all, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can cause skin irritation, transmit infections, and severe illness like the West Nile Virus. Now’s the perfect time to start using mosquito traps for a bite free summer.

Not sure if mosquito traps really work? Our pest control specialist break down the pros and cons of mosquito traps to keep you bite free all summer long.


If you want to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard, you need something besides repellents. If you don’t want to use insecticides, there is another solution: mosquito traps.

In2Care mosquito traps work by attracting and then killing mosquitoes. When it’s time for a female mosquito to feed (only female mosquitoes bite), mosquitoes find a host in three ways:

  • By sight. Mosquitoes are sometimes drawn to movement.
  • By heat. Animals and humans emit body heat (also known as infra-red radiation) and mosquitoes can detect this.
  • By chemistry. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and other chemicals we emit (including lactic acid). In other words, mosquitoes don’t fly up to you because you’re human. It’s nothing personal: It’s because you’re sending out the right signals, indicating you’re a creature with blood. Mosquito traps capitalize on this idea.

Mosquito traps reduce the total number of mosquitoes on your property, working to reduce your risk of bites. They also reduce the number of female mosquitoes reproducing. This is important, since a female mosquito can produce more than 400 million offspring in one season — and that number assumes 75 percent of her eggs, larvae and young are killed. In2Care mosquito targets mosquitoes that are ready to lay their eggs. The odor lure attracts Aedes mosquitoes which can transmit dengue and Chikungunya virus.

Once a mosquito enters the trap particles will transfer onto it’s legs and body contaminating it two ways, one that slowly kills the mosquito and one that kills her larvae. The trap will continue to trap and kill other mosquitoes and  when the female contacts any future water, the larvicide on her legs dissolves and contaminates the breeding site.


Mosquito traps offer considerable benefits:

  • They are not toxic to honey bees and other insects the way insecticides can be. If you have a garden and need beneficial insects for pollination, mosquito traps can help protect your local environment.
  • They do not use insecticides or pesticides. Many people feel more comfortable knowing they are not adding potentially risky chemicals to their property.
  • They have been proven effective in a number of research studies.
  • They work 24/7 to reduce mosquito populations.
  • They disrupt the mosquito reproductive cycle. The fewer mosquitoes around your home, the lower your risk of bites. This is more effective than using repellents and hoping they don’t bite.
  • There’s no risk of adaptation. Over time, insects can become resistant to some chemicals and compounds. Since mosquito traps work by attracting mosquitoes with something they find irresistible, there’s no way they’ll suddenly become “immune.” As long as mosquitoes want to drink blood, they’ll find the mosquito traps attractive and the traps will continue to work.
  • They target biting mosquitoes. Mosquito traps work by attracting the female mosquito, which means they don’t indiscriminately kill insects not doing you harm.
  • They can last for years.
  • They require minimal work on your part to stay at peak performance.
  • They start to work right away.
  • They are not dangerous for pets or children.


Whether you decide to use traps, mosquito barrier sprays or repellents, a spray mosquito treatment for your lawn or some other solution, mosquitoes are tenacious. They are working to survive and they will do everything possible to keep on reproducing. You need to be vigilant and reduce mosquito breeding grounds around your property, even if you are using mosquito control methods. You’ll want to remove any standing water and overgrown weeds on your property, as they can provide mosquito breeding grounds. You’ll also want to continue using screens and other methods to keep mosquitoes out of your home. If you want to start enjoying the outdoors while worrying less about mosquitoes, contact Dynasty Pest Control to find out more about how insecticide-free mosquito traps can get rid of mosquitoes effectively and safely.

Dynasty Pest Control works to develop well-rounded, integrated pest management solutions that can help you get to the root of your mosquito problem. Our goal is to help you reclaim your backyard from buzzing, biting pests. Contact us today to find out about our barrier sprays, misting systems, and other solutions.

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?
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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?
Does the promise of a mosquito to free summer seem too good to be true? Our pest control specialist break down the pros and cons of using mosquito traps.
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