During winter, use these DIY rodent control methods for preventing and getting rid of mice and rats in your house.

As we enter winter, temperatures will inevitably drop, and rodents, which survive outside during the fall, will seek refuge from winter’s chill within your humble abode. If there’s a will, there’s a way for rodents to squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and set up their own home inside yours. To keep rodents from crashing your holiday festivities, try these rodent control methods.

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1. Regularly inspect your home exterior to stop rodents

It cannot be overstated: Perform a self-home inspection. You can perform your own perimeter inspection simply by walking around your house a few times and examining the lower foundation and mid-structure for gaps, crevices and cracks.


2. Seal cracks to mice and rats

For small fixes involving gaps and cracks, you’ll need a caulk gun and some exterior-grade caulk. Following the directions on the tube, squirt the caulk directly into the gaps. This will close any small opening that a mouse might exploit.


3. Get rid of mice and rats’ hiding places

Make sure that any vegetation or foliage is at least three feet away from the foundation of your home. Extra shrubbery around the base of your home offers premium sneaking protection for rodents. This is their first stop before entering through those tiny gaps.


4. Deck the walls with mesh

If you have porches or decks that you can easily access from below, install fine mesh around the bottom of the structure. Remember, mice can fit through the opening the size of a dime, so the finer mesh, the better. There are definitely other options to close the bottom of your deck, but mesh is a quick and cheap fix.

However, make sure the mesh is made of a material tough enough that rodents can’t chew through it.


5. Please, don’t feed the rodents

Mice and rats are opportunistic, so anything edible becomes a source of sustenance. This includes birdseed, herb and vegetable gardens, outdoor trashcans, etc.

During the winter, keep birdseed to a minimum, making sure there is no overflow or possibly remove the feeders altogether.

An herb garden is more difficult to protect, as smaller rodents can climb fencing and other deterrents.

Outdoor trashcans should be kept in your garage if you have one. Otherwise, make sure they’re tightly sealed so nothing can get in.


6. Don’t invite rodents indoors

After you perform everything on your home’s exterior, it’s time to make the interior as uninviting to rodents as possible. Make sure everything is sparkling clean.

• Wipe your counters.

• Mop or vacuum floors.

• Seal food in airtight containers.

• Remove any clutter around your home and on your floors, such as clothes or toys — anything that provides shelter for rodents or even bugs.


When DIY rodent control isn’t enough, call an exterminator
Once mice have gotten in, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Remember: If there is one mouse, there will soon be many more.



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What methods have you used to prevent rodent problems during the winter months? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!