When the temperatures drop as winter approaches, we notice fewer mosquitos, flies, bees and other flying insects outside. But just because there’s a lack of flying pests in the winter doesn’t mean there aren’t other pests lurking around.

In summer, we notice an abundance of mosquitos and flies. But in winter, mice, spiders, and cockroaches are seeking warm shelter from the cold. You aren’t the only one who thinks your home is cozy during those cold winter days and nights. Unfortunately, pests think so too. It’s important to take preventative measures and follow these winter pest control tips to keep pests out this winter.

These winter pests can cause a lot more hazards than just cobwebs. Certain spider bites can be dangerous; Rodents like mice are known to carry diseases; Cockroaches can even trigger allergies and asthma. If you’re a homeowner, be sure to protect your home with these winter pest control tips.

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Winter Pest Control Tips

As winter quickly approaches, it’s time to tighten and tidy things up around your home. Regularly and thoroughly inspect your home for holes, gaps or any other type of openings on your property.

Inspect Inside Your Home

Look behind furniture, in the cabinets, closets, corners or anywhere else that potential pests many enter from. Also check around windows, doors and any screens. If you find a hole or opening, be sure to seal it with caulk or another protective sealant as soon as possible, no matter the size of the opening. You’d be surprised how easily a tiny mouse could fit through an opening the size of your pinky finger.

Check Outside Your Home

If you have a big yard with some wood and leaf piles, you need to pay extra attention to these winter pest control tips. We understand that in the winter it’s nice to have a cozy fire in the backyard. But that firewood could be attracting pests to your home. Be sure to keep at least a 20-foot distance between the piles of wood or leaves from your home.

Wood and leaf piles are a magnet for pests because they’re warm, moist shelters for pests in the winter. The closer the piles of wood are to your house, the closer the pests are; The closer the pests are to your home, the higher chance they’ll find a way in.

If you have a chimney, don’t bring the firewood into your home until you’re ready to burn it. Tons of bugs are found in firewood and when the firewood in your home, you could be bringing along pests with it.

Remove All Clutter

That dusty couch sitting in the basement, those boxes of old magazines and books in the attic, the mess you’ve been saying you’ll “get to” in the garage – it all has to go. Before the weather gets too cold, it’s important you go through your entire home (garage, sheds, yard, attic, and basement included) and remove all clutter.

Winter pests like mice, spiders, and other insects like to make themselves at home wherever they find clutter. Be sure to handle this in a timely manner.

Beware of Moisture

Water is essential for life, so you know that pests will be looking for water anywhere they can find it this winter. Inspect your home for any leaks, especially in bathrooms, attics, and basements. If moisture isn’t dealt with in a timely manner, it could attract various pests to your home. This could even cause potential property damage.

Overall cleanliness of your home and yard is important to defend against pests this winter. Here are a few last-minute winter pest control tips to remember:

• Check for any holes or openings.
• Keep your counters and floors clean.
• Keep firewood and leaf piles away from the perimeter of your home.
• Seal windows and doors.
• Don’t ever leave any food out.
• Check for leaky faucets or other accumulated moisture spots.
• Properly close garage and recycling cans.

If You Need More Pest Control Help This Winter

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